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Talking about short film 'Lachhmaniya', NIFF 2019 International Competition

With Bikash Neupane, the director of the Nepali short 'Lachhmaniya'. The film revolves around the story, life and struggles of Lachhmaniya, a girl belonging to the Awadhi community of Nepal' terai region. Lachhmaniya was screened at NIFF 2019 under the international competition segment.

Talking with the director of 'Chhora - Son', short film, NIFF 2019 International Competition

Listen to director Subarna Thapa talk about his short film 'Chhora', a beautiful story drawn from the director's own life, struggles and inspirations, that portrays the Nepalese diaspora is a unique and heart-touching way.

Talking with the director of 'Bhor - First Light', NIFF 2019, International Competition

Tune in to watch director Yadav Kumar Bhattarai talk about his feature film 'Bhor', a critically acclaimed film that revolves around the social evil that is the dowry system, which has been plaguing rural Nepali societies since a long time.

Talking with the Cinematographer for 'Dying Candle', NIFF 2019 national competition

Tune in to our talk with cinematographer Rabin Acharya for his work 'Dying Candle'. Rabin talks about his experiences while making the film, and how 'Dying Candle' encapsulates Nepali rural life and living in a beautifully wrought film.

Talking with the head of jury, Mr. Nir Shah, from Nepal | NIFF 2019

Listen to our head of jury, veteran actor and the father of Nepali TV sector, Mr. Nir Shah, talk about his commitment towards selecting the best films among the best at NIFF 2019.

An Eric Valli Masterclass - NIFF 2019

Listen to twice Oscar nominated director and cinematographer Mr. Eric Valli deliver his casual masterclass. 23rd February 2019, Rastriya Sabha Griha

NIFF 2019 Official Promo!

A montage of selected films for Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) 2019.

Talking about the feature-film 'Hari', NIFF 2019 National Competition

Listen to the co-directors of the Nepali feature-length film 'Hari', Safal K.C and Pratik Gurung talk about their film, and how their protagonist Hari reflects the mentality and attitude of someone weighed down by the society, his responsibilities to the family and by the percepts of his religion.

Talking about the short-film 'Mother-Maa', NIFF 2019 National Competition

Listen to young director Parichhed Sen talk about his short film 'Mother', which depicts the tragedy of sons and daughters growing up and getting farther and farther from their parents and their sentiments.

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