Directors Message

Our mind works cinematic-ally. It constructs its thought through visuals, define every value, experience, emotions through visuals, manage it through stories and has story for everything it encounters. With construction and deconstruction of visual stories, our mind defines and decide everything for us. Thus cinema is the human inheritance.

Because of this, humanity can be served through cinema and it has been proved that prosperity of society is reflected through cinema. Both the production and acceptance of cinema has been creatively enhanced in the creatively involved society and geography. Even the politically suppressed society tries to engage its humanity through creative narrative.

I feel privilege to be part of such human process through which I can contribute on human existence. My reason to be a part of this festival is to affiliate with humanity and universal dignity. Cinema helps me to realize that I belong to one of this precious value Humanity. This festival is the celebration of humanity through the celebration of human narrative.

We love to showcase such narrative which is unique, challenging and experimentation. we believe such narrative helps the society to rethink about their established narrative and inspire to develop and define new narrative. Society grows through its changes on narratives.

Our motto of this precious event is to review our narrative through the exposure of various narratives from the globe. This exposure to alternative and unique narratives will certainly push our narrative into the phase of rethinking and evaluation, it is the mission of NFCA and this festival is our first step toward it.