About NIFF

Narratives & Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF): Overview

All fiction films are narratives, where the director narrates a story or a plot in his / her own style, which gives the film an identity. Every civilization, culture, language, geography, tradition and time has a story, and these stories define a fiction film, are narrated by the director and by the film to an audience. Good plot and good direction makes for a good narrative.

The 1st Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) 2018 will provide a platform for such good narratives to be screened, and will chose the best amongst them. NIFF 2018 will be held in the lake city of Pokhara, from 2nd to 5th February 2018. NIFF 2018 is the successor to the International Film Festival of Nepal (IFFON) 2017 which was held in January 2017 in Dharan. NIFF 2018 will be the only event of this magnitude to be held in western Nepal.

For 2018, NIFF will only showcase fiction works, both short and feature-length. Around 30 films will be screened under the competition section, where a multinational and multicultural jury will give the verdict. The festival will be shown in two venues in the city of Pokhara, which is 200 kilometers from the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. Lasting for 4 days, the festival will include both competitive and non-competitive screenings, 3 master classes, 1 workshop and a Winter Fest at Lakeside Pokhara which will also be organized by NFCA to commemorate the success of NIFF 2018.

NIFF 2018 will be a festival of and for narratives. Over 4 dozen unique narratives will be shown in a total of 5 days’ time, in 2 venues in Pokhara. This will allow the Nepalese audience to see and learn about dozens of cultures, traditions, civilization, history, language, tradition and time through these narratives.

The estimated audience during the screenings is over 1000 in 4 Days, and the presence at the Winter Fest is estimated to cross 10,000 visitors.