We firmly believe film is an intellectual product thus we feel necessary of intellectual development and understanding for this intellectual process. our major motive is to engage our film society into the discourse of intellectual dimension of film-making. We also want our human society to accept that cinema exist in its human behavior and psychology that’s why Cinema ultimately is social product through individual creative process.

We have thus planned our film festival to be a venue of the intense discourse platform where the film-makers reflect the intellectual dimension of films. On this course we have design some intellectual discussion and master classes.

As “celebration of narrative” is our theme of film-festival we are in quest of understanding different narrative of different nation, this year we are set to have special discourse on the narrative of our two leading film-making neighbors with whom we share special relation. we have two master-classes from internationally recognized and highly creative filmmakers from India and china. our motives is to understand their narrative its values , sociology ,psychology, history , culture ,religion, politics ,geographical, philosophical elements and its evolution through time as well how their societal narrative shaped their cinema and its unique impact into global phenomena.

With this exploration we will look into our narrative and question” what is our national narrative? ”This special seminar will be into the exploration of Nepali narrative, its evolution ,its texture and elements as well try to explore how we could redefine ,reconstruct and establish new narrative. It will be the serious interaction between the intellectual of different facet of our narrative.

“Art or commerce?” this dilemma has surpassed most of our filmmakers and this has created big misunderstanding in defining cinema. We thus have planned to have a special session of “ Economy narrative of cinema” which will emphasis on how economy construct the narrative of cinema. This will help to understand the history of how economy has coherently collaborated with arts to produce powerful cinemas.

We hope this kind of interactions will create impact on our national narrative in coming years.

It is for the cause of redefining our cinema narrative. Here are the Programs

  • The multi-dimension of Indian narratives
  • The new-generation narrative of china
  • In quest of Nepali Narrative
  • How economy construct cinema narrative?