Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations:

1. The film should be submitted as per the eligibility requirements. Films violating the eligibility requirements will be rejected.

2. All submissions should be done officially through the website’s submission form at Submissions by email or any other way will not be accepted.

3. All submissions received later than the deadline of 30th November 2017 will be rejected. NIFF will not be liable for any losses incurred by the submitter in shipping costs.

4. All submissions should come with a downloadable link of the submitted film. If the film if to be sent by courier, let it be no later than 15 days from the official submission. Films received later than 15 days from submission will be rejected, and will not be returned. Hard copies of films should be in a high speed USB flash drive. DVDs will not be accepted. The submitter will cover the courier charges. After the completion of the festival, all hard copy submissions will be returned via courier within 30 days, and the original submitter will cover the return shipping.

5. The selection committee will have the full jurisdiction for the final selection. The committee is not liable towards any films that are rejected.

6. Projects completed prior to 31st December 2015 are not eligible for submission.

7. All films, both under the international and the Nepal panorama sections should have English subtitles in them. Films without subtitles will be rejected.

8. If the submitted film is selected, NIFF will require the high-quality screening film, either online or hard copy. All screening quality films should be received within 15 days of the announcement of the selected films.