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NIFF 2019 press meet

17th January


It is with real pleasure that I announce the successful completion of Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF)’s first press event today, 17th January 2019, at Nepal Tourism Board.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards NIFF’s organizing team, veterans from the film industry, our industry supporters, and especially to the 80+ journalists and media professionals who attended the press event today. It is with your participation, support and involvement that today’s program was a success, and it is this very participation, support and involvement that will help in the success of NIFF 2019, starting 21 February 2019.

I also thank industry veterans and respected seniors Neer Shah dai and Yadav Kharel dai for your love, support and kind words for NIFF 2019. Your presence and support will definitely help us with achieving NIFF’s long-term goal.

Today’s program is a prime indication that we have almost finalized the overall sketch of the NIFF program in February. Preparations are almost complete. I humbly ask you, our friends and well wishers from the industry, to have a little more patience. Weeks and months of planning from our team will come to fruition, in what will attempt to be Nepal’s biggest film event, in February.

I ask you to show your support by sharing any news you find regarding NIFF, and by attending and being a part of the main event from 21-25 February 2019.

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