Film Submissions for NIFF 2020 is open. Final deadline is 31st October,2019


Nepalese Film IndustryNepalese Film IndustryFilm is creative, cultural product mainly aimed to entertain the people. It covers Short Advertisements, Educational audio-video, Television, Documentary and Feature Film. The Feature films are denoted as Movie and Cinemas as well. The Filmmaking process is team effort where many areas of personalities engages. This form of art is relatively youngest to all art-forms but it has been established as industry. According to the Record of Film Development Board, about 3326 films are already registered to be made. Among them, 995 celluloid films, 1366 Digital Feature films, 727 documentaries, 238 video films.

The initiation of making movie by then Information Department of His Majesty's Government of Nepal (now Government of Nepal (GoN)) has turned to be a private venture Industry. It is on the way to be an Industry.The Chalachitra Bill (Bidheyak) is going to be presented in House very soon. Whatever the point of Views of the previous Nepalese films of different era and genre the main aim of every Nepalese filmmakers is or should be to make the exportable films. Nepal cannot fight as an industrial country. It has not such practice and potential yet but Nepal has diverse linguistic, cultural and traditional values and practices. It has the potential to convert into artistic creations. It can export its films to foreign countries as a token of trade deficits.The Film Festival plays major role to promote the films. It is the golden opportunity to the audiences to watch the multiple films at a place, to discuss and even get the new concepts and stories for new films. It creates a wide and bigger opportunity to films and filmmakers.

Nepalese Films are also participating in various Film Festivals like Oscar, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto etc. Some of the films have critically acclaimed in the Festivals.

The interrelation between Cinema, Culture and TourismCinema is a cultural and intellectual product. Cinema can be said as the summary of all forms of arts. It is aimed to entertain people and even to enlighten and teach ultimately. The protagonist or antagonist or the event or the situation gives the viewer an impression or lesson. It is directly related to human life.Tour is one of the most essential part of human activity. The Tourism industry covers significant percent of income and revenue to many countries. The Tourism can be promoted by artworks especially by Films also. There are some good proofs that the film shooting locations has grown in to a touristic hub which has grown the financial revenues of the places. The locations of Harry Porter, Frozen, The Beach, Braveheart, Mission Impossible2, Troy are some of the examples.