Film Submissions for NIFF 2020 is open. Final deadline is 31st October,2019


Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) is a showcase and a celebration of film narratives, of stories and the inspiration and awareness gained from them. NIFF brings together inspirational and society-conscious films from all over the world, and provides a platform for the Nepali audience to watch them and be inspired, motivated.

The main highlight of NIFF will be its competition segment. Eligible films from all over the world will be screened over a duration of 4 days, at the end of which the best films in each category will be awarded.

NIFF will also be a sharing event, with film makers from all over the world, as well as from Nepal, gathering together to share their expertise, ideas and techniques on the art of film making. NIFF will host various masterclasses, small film projects, workshops led by foreign film experts and plenty of field work.

NIFF also has an intellectual side, with discourses, debates and a forum on film making, theories, styles alongside policies and the situation of the Nepali film industry. NIFF strives to find a path for the sustainability and social responsibility for the Nepali film industry to follow. Apart from this, NIFF will also have some story pitching sessions, and a film maker – investor interaction session, as an active effort to expand the Nepalese film market.

K.P Pathak

Chairperson Message

NIFF 2019 is the 2nd edition of the Nepal International Film Festival, which will be held in Kathmandu, from 21-24 February in 2019. NIFF 2019, organized by Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA), will have plenty of screenings, discussions and debates, workshops and masterclasses. We plan to fit all these activities within the 4 days of the festival, at multiple venues across Kathmandu.

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Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) is one of the 31 institutions from 29 countries, and the only member from Nepal, allied under the Belt & Road Film Festival Alliance to promote cooperation for the development of film and culture. The alliance came into existence in June 2018 during this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), and promotes mutual collaboration and cooperation between its member film

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