Film Submissions for NIFF 2020 is open. Final deadline is 31st October,2019


Call for entries, NIFF 2020

15th June – 31st October, 2019

Nepal International Film Festival has opened submissions for the 2020 iteration of the festival, scheduled to happen from 13-17th February 2019. As with 2019, 2020 NIFF will also receive works belonging in the domain of realistic fiction and narratives. In addition to this, NIFF 2020 will also receive documentary and animated (short) films from this year onwards.

NIFF 2020 has a total of 6 competitive segments. Non-competitive / guest segments have not been announced as of today. The competitive segments are:

1. International Feature

2. International Short

3. National Feature

4. National Short

5. Documentary (International)

6. Animated shorts (International)

International Participants will have to submit their works exclusively through, and are not allowed to submit under the national segments (2). Submissions under the all four international segments are paid submissions.

National participants can participate in both international and national segments through FilmFreeway. Participation in national segments allow for free submissions.

Participants in the national segments can also download the .docx form provided below, and perform a manual submission.

Download form


1. Submissions under all categories should adhere to time / duration restrictions as mentioned:

Feature film segments: 60 - 100 minutes' runtime
Short film segments: Under 30 minutes' runtime
Animation segment: Under 30 minutes' runtime
Documentary segment: Under 60 minutes' runtime

2. Submissions completed before 2017 will not qualify for festival selection

3. Submitted films under all competition segments must have English subtitles in them

4. All entries should adhere to the following video and audio format for both the submission and final screening:

Video Container: MP4, MOV
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 or higher Video Codec: AVC/h.264/X264
Audio Codec: AAC, AC3
Audio Channel: 2.0 Stereo


1. The film should be submitted as per the eligibility requirements. Films violating the eligibility requirements will be rejected.

2. Submissions can be made with both online screeners / physical copy of films. All shipping costs are to be borne by the applicant.

3. Selection process will officially start with the end of the standard deadline. Finalists will only be published 30 days after the end of the extended deadline. All films submitted later than the extended deadline will be rejected.

4. The selection committee and the NIFF 2020 program committee will have full jurisdiction for the final selection. The committee is not liable towards any films that are rejected.

5. NIFF 2020 Program Committee will manually request selected films for downloadable version of provided screeners (if not provided with the initial submission), alongside graphics, trailers etc. Physical copies (USB-C recommended) of screeners can also be shipped to NIFF 2020 Secretariat in Kathmandu, Nepal.

6. NIFF 2020 will securely archive all films received online as well as through post, and will not use it in any commercial or non-commercial venture ever. NIFF can however utilize 10% of the film's footage / stills for promotional works in NIFF 2020 and future iterations of NIFF.

7. All applicants should agree that once films are selected and selection published, they will be screened to a live audience in Kathmandu. Applicants should also agree that selected films will be screened at more than one venue (s) in Nepal (for eg: parallel screens in multiple cities) all within the duration of the festival.

8. By submitting their films, applicants agree to all the rules and criteria mentioned above, and also agree to remain bound by them.