Chairperson’s Message

NIFF 2019 is the 2nd edition of the Nepal International Film Festival, which will be held in Kathmandu, from 21-24 February in 2019. NIFF 2019, organized by Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA), will have plenty of screenings, discussions and debates, workshops and masterclasses. We plan to fit all these activities within the 4 days of the festival, at multiple venues across Kathmandu.

NIFF is a relatively young film festival in Nepal. We are still in the branding phase, lets say. Last year’s NIFF in Pokhara, western Nepal, was a success. We received audiences crossing the 5000 people threshold during the 4 days of the event. Having said this, NIFF 2018 had many shortcomings. We learn from our mistakes and shortcomings, and so does NIFF. NIFF is fully resolved to conduct its 2019 edition with streamlined precision and efficiency. We have made changes to our management process, our branding and marketing programs, our ground handling and event personnel, our funding schem

e, and have made various alliances with film festivals, institutions and companies in multiple countries, which we believe will guide us through a wonderfully executed NIFF 2019.

We have planned NIFF 2019 to be much bigger and more engaging for our audience. We plan to screen around 50 films, including competition and non-competition films. Aside from the screenings, NIFF 2019 plans to be a platform for the film industry’s icons, movers and shakers to share their opinions, ideas and skills and interact with the audience.

NIFF 2019 will also be a platform for film makers from all over the world, including Nepal, to showcase their films. We have specifically planned for an intense International Competition segment where the best films from various countries, after being selected by our selection committee through a vigorous selection process, will compete against eachother for the awards and the audiences’ love.

It is also our aim to guide, influence the Nepali film industry through a film revolution, which we believe is coming soon. To this effect, we plan to showcase deserving, unique, trend-setting and critical Nepali films under a Nepal Panorama competition segment.

NIFF 2019, like NIFF 2018, will also focus on the intellectual side of films and film making. There shall be discussions on the use of films, and their impact on the various aspects of society and the environment. NIFF 2019 shall host film intellectual and experts, from inside and outside Nepal, and provide a platform for them to engage with the audience.

The submissions for NIFF 2019 is now open, and will remain open till 30th September, 2018. Films can be submitted through the form at NIFF urges film makers to submit their film fast. The final selection will be announced in November, and the selected films will be part of the competition screening in February 2019.

Our promoters, supporters, sponsors and partners made NIFF 2018 happen. Your continued support will be invaluable for the organization and completion of NIFF 2019 as well. NFCA – Nepal Film & Cultural Academy, being a non-profit with no income source, welcomes collaboration with companies, organizations and other non-profits, as well as individual contributors. These collaborations will allow NFCA to keep organizing the future editions of NIFF.

Our audiences are our lifeblood, without whom NIFF will have no meaning. NFCA cordially invites filmholics and enthusiasts to be a part of NIFF 2019. Your support and presence at the event will surely determine NIFF 2019’s success. NIFF organizers hope to see you at the festival venue in February.

K.P. Pathak,

Festival Chairperson,
NIFF 2019

Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA)