International Film Festival in Pokhara

Kathmandu / Ras - Nepal Film and Cultural Institute will be Nepalese International Film Festival. Organizing the celebration of the festival in Pokhara till April 2 to 5 (19th to 22), the organization said.

Nepali Nepali filmmaker needs to study a special structure on the basis of the tradition and psychology of the tradition of Nepali society and reviewing the historical structure and psychology of the current Nepali film. " 'Although the story used in film is in Nepal geography, some movies that have not been able to represent their geography are right before us.'

The festival has been aimed at a special debate on various dimensions and characters of the story by demonstrating the performance of the film representing the various countries of the world and the representation of the significance of different societies in the international film festival.

There are also 2 master classes and seminars in the festival. The seminars will be held under the explanation of 'Nepali Movie Film' in the statement of Nepalese society. Festival director Manoj Pandit told that the festival would not be shared.