Competitive Screening

NIFF 2019 will have a competitive screening segment, where films received from the world over will be screened, and the best of which will be selected by the jury and the audience. Competition will be under two major categories; Short Film Competition, showcasing films below 60 minutes’ in length and Feature-length Competition, featuring films above 60 minutes’ in length. Both categories will involve the International Competition and Nepal Panorama Segments.

Non-Competitive Screening

NIFF 2019 will also have a Non-Competitive film screening segment, albeit comparatively smaller than the competitive segment. Under this segment, guest films, films by notable directors, iconic films and films recommended by NIFF’s partners and alliances will be screened.


NIFF 2019 will also have 2 intellectual discourses and panel discussions, where key figures from the Nepalese film industry alongside policy makers and government officials will take part. Foreign film makers, delegates and members of the NIFF 2019 jury panel will also take part. These discourses will be conducted from an intellectual point of view.

Open House Discussions

NIFF will also have 2 open house discussion segments on social issues on films, and on how films can be utilized to address such social issues, where guests will be popular actors, social figures and youth advocates. Anyone in the audience, following the discussion protocols, can participate in the discussion.


NIFF 2019 will also invite a renowned foreign film maker and expert to conduct a small session / class on any key areas of film making. Participation in this segment will be restricted to film makers only.


NIFF will also organize a 4-day workshop on film direction by a key person of the film industry, from inside or outside of Nepal. 4 45 minutes’ segments will be organized for the duration of the festival.

Inauguration & Closing Ceremonies

NIFF will also have grand Opening & Closing ceremonies at top venues in Kathmandu. Ceremonies will be followed by gala and dinner. Both ceremonies are intended as a platform for the invitees, sponsors, promoters, supporters and government officials, alongside film makers, participants and artists to meet and interact with each-other.