Born in 1992 in the North-west Indian state, Haryana, Akshay Gouri is a Screenwriter and Director who has made short films, both fiction and non-fiction, pertaining to Political issues, Socio-economic realities and their consequences on people. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata.
His Long-take short film, ‘Adhinayak, Jaya He!’ (2017) asks tough questions about the authoritarian nature of the current Indian polity and Islamophobia.

‘Gilaani’ (2017) points out the chauvinistic-nationalism driven country that India has become today and examines the various aspects of violence perpetrated by the impune armed forces and its psychological impact on people at both ends of the spectrum.

‘Taapar’ (2018) is a documentary on the humongous Agrarian crisis that India has been going through for well over a decade now. Focusing on Marginal Peasants, the film points out to the extremely difficult conditions that the providers of food to us all have to face. From distress sales of agricultural produce to poor infrastructural support to hollow promises of better days by the government, the film is the farmers’ lives as they see it. The film has traveled across countries and has participated in several International Film Festivals in India, Brazil and the USA.

His latest fiction short-film ‘Farzandi’, explores the psychology of a young, urban, working woman as she tries to cope with the longing of having a mother and her fight with patriarchy that boggles her down at every step.

Pratikaar Adhinayak, Jaya He!

Akshay Gouri

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