Paul London and Tracey Moberly began their collaborative work in 1984. Studying for their first degrees as Fine Art students at University of Wales, Newport, UK – they worked on a series of short films titled “Bert & Lil”. They continued to collaborate in different mediums at different points in their careers; this also included Isea98 (Manchester/Liverpool UK) where Tracey during her lectureship position at Manchester Metropolitan University had a curatorial role in co-ordinating the symposium. Paul collaborated in part with her, contributing as news cameraman at Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Recently they formed the new, collaborative international, independent film production company KIK Films, based in London and Washington DC.

“Irradiate” their first KIK Film short filmed at CERN in Geneva, opened March 2019 in Oaxaca, Mexico – Opening the same year as part of the Venice Biennale in Empire II. It gained huge exposure and received several awards at international film festivals and on TV. It is still being selected for festivals. This was followed by “IGNITION” marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing for the Museum of Wales Cardiff, UK. They recently completed the film “LOCKDOWN” where they invited 38 people from across the globe to contribute video clips to the final edit. They are currently working on a series of new collaborative shorts and in the planning stages of several full length documentaries.

>>> Paul London grew up in the rolling hills of Derbyshire, UK and has been working with film since the age of twelve when he first picked up his father’s super 8mm camera. During his college years at University of Wales, Newport, UK he created several 8mm and 16mm narrative shorts focusing on using sound design rather than dialogue to advance and tell the story – a storytelling style which he still pursues today in his independent film work.

Since graduating in 1985, Paul has spent the past 32 years working professionally as a Videographer and TV video editor/designer both in Wales and London, UK and in Washington DC, USA. During this time he shot and edited documentaries, daily international news stories, news magazine shows and business cable programs on a multitude of topics for clients which included BBC, ITN, TV- Tokyo, Discovery Channel – along with Washington DC based national associations and a variety of U.S. Governmental Departments. He later specialized in story-driven, creative video post-production for regional and national broadcasters building graphically intensive video projects and further specializing in creative colour grading and finishing for a host of corporate companies and TV advertisers including The Kennedy Centre, Walmart, Virginia Hospital Centre, Honda and Phillips.

Since 2004 Paul has run his own successful boutique television post-production facility in Washington, DC serving local advertisers, associations and corporations. Paul has worked with clients based all over the globe and continues creating award winning TV commercials and videos.

>>> Tracey Moberly is a film maker, artist, author and lecturer – born and school educated in the Valleys of South Wales, UK before moving away to do her first degree. Working as a multi-disciplinary, cross-platform artist she exhibits nationally and internationally, including film, photography and multimedia exhibitions at Tate Britain, Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Her recent collaborative short film with PARIAH in collaboration with Oscar Nominee Robbie Ryan has just completed a two year world tour ending at the Venice Biennale 2019 as part of Empire II.

Tracey’s book Text-Me-Up went global – documenting the birth of and complete archive of her text messages from 1999 onwards. Exhibiting prolifically she is currently editing her new documentary on The Firm and the legacy after the Kray Twins – former East End London gangsters.

Tracey has been part of and adjudicated Russia’s Kansk Video Festival in Eastern Siberia, along with hosting and organizing the first Alco-Film Festival in the former venue she owned and ran – the Foundry – in London’s Shoreditch. Tracey also developed the East Siberian film festival in London and last year was invited to present the awards to the winning nominees at last years Wales International Documentary Festival.

Having recently completed filming and directing a series titled Sixty 60 Second Films with her good friend and collaborator Bill Drummond (of the former band KLF), these films are being used in both TV series and films.

Paul London
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Tracey Moberly
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Paul London, Tracey Moberly

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