Official Selection

Shorts (Live Action) Competition


22 minutes|Nepal


Babar Ali





Film Duration:

22 minutes


Hindi, Nepali


Mashhour Mohamed,Sapan Hamal,Sapan Hamal


Babar Ali


Pari is a young Nepalese woman, an aspiring actress and gifted dancer. She lives in a claustrophobic run-down shack in Pokhara, exiled there before the earthquake that killed her mother and destroyed the family home. She is a virtual servant to her aunt and gets no comfort or understanding from Asha, her older sister. The two continually feud over Pari’s choice of career and new friend - the handsome and seductive Abhinash from India. Abhinash coaches Pari in her acting, but more importantly supports her dreams and gives her a sense of freedom as they experience the beauty of Pokhara’s lakes and mountains. Abhi is a human trafficker, adept at multi-tasking. He romances Pari while sending pictures of her to his Indian handlers, negotiating her price. But then Abhinash starts developing true feelings for Pari and becomes conflicted between his job and those feelings. Pari begins to trust him - unaware of her possible peril.
Director Biography - Babar Ali

Director's Statement

I am a Pakistani filmmaker, living and working in Dubai. Many of my previous films have centered on women’s issues, especially those who live in the developing world and are vulnerable to conditions caused by poverty and inequality in their societies. I started to research the tragedy of human trafficking when mentoring a young student in Dubai who was doing a project on the subject. I had been searching for a story idea that could be set in Nepal, and found the statistics of human trafficking in that country staggering: an estimated 5,000 – 10,000 women are trafficked to India alone every year. This is not a problem for just Nepal or India; human trafficking earns global profits of roughly $150 billion for traffickers. “Pari of Pokhara” is the first original production of IYMS Films, the new production company of the 15-year old International Youth Media Summit (IYMS). The annual IYMS event brings together filmmakers from all over the world to create media that inspires young people to challenge the issues destroying the peace and well-being of their societies. Human trafficking is an issue that our multi-country production cast and crew could all relate to, as well as everyone from our 64-country Summit network. It is my hope that “Pari of Pokhara” will give a human face to this global tragedy and bring awareness to this issue.

Babar Director

Babar Ali


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