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Shorts (Live Action) Competition

The Summer of Arte

15 minutes 25 seconds|Japan


Takayuki Yoshida





Film Duration:

15 minutes 25 seconds




Takayuki Yoshida


Takayuki Yoshida


Takayuki Yoshida


Takayuki Yoshida


The Arte Piazza Bibai is a sculpture park in the mountains in Hokkaido, Japan. Bibai, once one of the largest coal mining cities, has been suffering from critical depopulation. The project of art plaza was initiated in order to revitalize the town with arts and cultural promotion. The art plaza includes the restored closed-down school facilities. The restored schoolhouse is a two-story wooden structure and a part of the building is used as a local kindergarten. Children play happily in a thin stream of water running over a spread of marble pebbles and beneath the sculptures. This is a short documentary film about one day in the summer at the Arte Piazza Bibai.

Director's Statement

Although I have been working as a film critic, it was very late and it was after the age of forty years old that I seriously began to work as a filmmaker. It was the sculpture that shifted me to the creation of art works. Most of the inspiration of my films comes from the sculpture. In other words, I learned how to make the film from the sculpture. It is said that the sculptors, especially who use the stone as their materials, make their works by imagining even the future of a thousand years later. This is because the stone will continue to remain as the material even though the time of a thousand years passes. Nowadays, the film is digital, not material, but what I have learned from the sculptor is that we must make the film by imagining even the future of a thousand years later. It is to enwomb our spirits in the film, as the sculptors try to enwomb their spirits in the material, by the method of praying. I made a short film tilted THE SUMMER OF ARTE (2019) by the method of praying. But I am not sure whether it was successful or not. I hope that it will be judged by the people in the future of a thousand years later.

Takayuki Director

Takayuki Yoshida


Born in 1972, Hokkaido, Japan. Completed my master’s degree program in sociology at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo and worked for the Japan Foundation. Studied filmmaking at the Film School of Tokyo. Obtained a certificate in cinema management from the Japan Institute of the Moving Image. Worked as a coordinator for an international film festival TOKYO FILMEX and Talents Tokyo. An editor of Japanese journal on documentary films NEONEO, and co-author of Japanese books such as, Chris Marker (2014), American Avant-Garde Movies (2016), and Southeast Asian Cinema (2019). My short film PONPOKO MOUNTAIN (2016) has been selected for the international video art and film festivals in more than 20 countries. Served as one of international jury members of the documentary film section at the Slemani International Film Festival in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2017. My short film TOUCH STONE (2017) has been selected for the international video art and film festivals in more than 10 countries. My new film THE SPRING OF MOERE (2019) was premiered in November 2019 and THE SUMMER OF ARTE (2019) was premiered in December 2019. I am a coordinator for the film workshop for children which is the project funded by a local ward in Tokyo.

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