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Shorts (Live Action) Competition


20 minutes 30 seconds|Greece


Michael Demetrius



Film Duration:

20 minutes 30 seconds


Modern Greek (1453-)


Michael Demetrius


Michael Demetrius


Paul is a veteran rock musician. His daughter, Anna is secretly a phone-sex worker. Drugs, alcohol, sex, ephemeral relationships, meaningless lives, rock n’ roll: an allegorical reflection of Athens today, and a raw depiction of a family drama between father and daughter. Two hopeless people, two common lives, countless clouds.

Director's Statement

“Cloud” depicts this side of life whose existence we deny and are afraid of. Maybe it is because it reflects our own dark sides that we constantly try to tuck away. Our protagonists indeed live on this other side of reality, without any progress, hope or anticipation for something. “Cloud” is a fragmentary depiction of a raw reality, of an underground, marginal world that seems to experience a nightmarish present. Drugs, alcohol, addictions, cheap, occasional sex, people seemingly without roots or destination. Within this vicious circle, there are two things that at first glance do not fit well: the beauty of the heroine and the talent of the hero. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, neither of these two things make this nightmare less terrifying. The beautiful girl works for porn lines and the father’s talent is never enough to pull him out from this dystopia of abuse and addictions that determine his personality and his life to a great extent.

Michael Director

Michael Demetrius


Michael Demetrius graduated from the Film & TV Department of New York College of Athens Campus, and received a BA degree with honors from the University of Greenwich in 2012. He earned a Master’s Degree in Theatrical Studies at the Open University of Cyprus in June 2019, with a specialization in Acting and Directing. Along with his personal projects, Michael runs his own film production company, working on a variety of projects. His first short film, RAINY DAYS (2012) participated in many Greek and international film festivals, while the short crime film, THE BUST, shot for the 48 Film Project, also participated in many festivals, among them the “38th Drama Short Film Festival” (DISFF) and the “Athens International Film Festival” (AIFF). He also directed the fashion film, COCOON (2014) for Storydrops, which premiered in Athens at the “Exclusive Fashion Week”. His short film documentary, EVRIPIDOU 14 (2016), received a monetary award in September 2016 at the “39th (DISFF)” while the 16 episode documentary series, WITHOUT QUESTION, was launched in October 2016 on ERT (the Greek National Broadcaster). His latest short film, CLOUD, was funded by the Greek Film Center, and will premiere at the 42nd Short Film Festival and 25th International Short Film Festival in Drama this September 2019.

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