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Go Back Forward

9 minutes 16 seconds|Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of


Marialejandra Matin


Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of



Film Duration:

9 minutes 16 seconds




Marialejandra Matin


Marialejandra Matin


Coco reaches her drama class at the last moment. Allowed to take a seat on stage she embarks a trip into her past for a very special sensory encounter…

Director's Statement

The short is based on something that happened to me as actor when I was studying at The Lee Strasberg in New York. It was cold that day and I woke up wanting to go back home. A delay in the subway made me fear that the teacher wouldn't let me in. But I arrived on time, I entered the room, took my chair and started the sensory work. A flash, a lock of hair, this is how the story came to me, as a very real and dear memory. And I knew that Liliana Meléndez was the actor for the part. She related to the character immediately and experienced the same I did. We shot it in Caracas, at the Central University of Venezuela, a very meaningful place for all of us.

Marialejandra Director

Marialejandra Matin


Venezuelan actor, producer & filmmaker. Marialejandra began her film career in 1986 [] and became a full-time actor for film, theater and television. In 94, she creates La Caja Teatro to produce her first theater project with Peruvian actor/director Alberto Isola, with seasons both in Caracas and Lima; in 98, she moves to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg theater & film Institute; back in Venezuela, she begins producing and directing plays, workshops and experimental projects, and co-produces indie films. From 2014 to 19, she writes "The Charms of Guilt", her first screenplay for feature film. In 2018 she writes, produces and directs "Go Back Forward" ("Qué hago yo aquí", Venezuela, 2019) her first short film, produced by La Caja Teatro, 35 mm [us] and Procine [ve] with the support of Villa del Cine, Films Austères and Universidad Central Venezuela.

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