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World Panorama

Teen Muhurat (Three Auspicious Hours)

1 hour 10 minutes|India


Deyali Mukherjee



Film Duration:

1 hour 10 minutes


English, Hindi


Sriram Raja & Prateek Ckakravorty


Deyali Mukherjee


Three women in three auspicious hours take an important decision of their life. A confused bride leaping into the social bonding, a personal secretary struggling to keep her self-respect at the workplace and a dreamer trying to break all the norms to start an exciting journey.

Director's Statement

We are exposed to the world which is changing everyday with new innovations. But are we grounded enough to think where we are heading in terms of human relations? More the options, more the confused we become to choose the right one. The understanding of right and wrong has always been relative, with respect to the culture, history, society and future. Understanding of women and womanhood has also changed from time to time. The world has experienced a matriarchal society turning patriarchal, the change in division of labor and gender equality. But beyond everything the human values have kept the race surviving for over thousands years. And we have preserved the auspicious hours like marriage, festivals and certain rituals as the node points to keep the race behave in its time-tested way. One needs wisdom to realize in those moments, standing on the edge to see how men and women together make this world beautiful. A search in our daily life to find those auspicious moments where the man-woman collide and give birth to the new path which will keep us surviving for another billion years.

Deyali Director

Deyali Mukherjee


Deyali Mukherjee is an independent filmmaker working on documentaries, shorts and feature films. She is a graduate of Film & Television Institute of India (FTII). She started her career as an Architect and then as an Art Director, Production Designer and Cinematographer for films. She has directed many Corporate and Advertising Films. Teen Muhurat is her first Anthology film as a Director-writer.

Director’s Filmography:

  •  2014 - Baarish Aur Ek Din (Short Film)
  • 2014 – Evening Song (Documentary Film)- Official selection of IDSFFK 2014
  • 2015- What Time is it there? (Short Film- co-directed with Sriram Raja) – Official Selection for Kosovo FerFilm Festival 2016 and Acquired by ShortsTV
  • 2018 – Never In Neptune (Short Film) – Official selection for SiGNS Film Festival 2018 and Acquired by ShortsTV
  • 2018 – Teen Muhurat (Anthology-Feature)- Official Selection for Jagran Film Festival, KIFFI Jaipur and Third Eye Asian Film Festival.

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