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The Inevitable Death of the Crab

1 hour 12 minutes|Mexico


Ahcitz Azcona





Film Duration:

1 hour 12 minutes




Ahcitz Azcona


Ahcitz Azcona


When Carlos and his son Santiago receive an extort call from a professional, they assume that the call comes from a prison in the country. But paranoia inhabits the mind of any Mexican and a series of unfortunate events force them to discover who is who in a political system hijacked by corruption.

Director's Statement

I grew up in Guadalajara, México. The land of Mariachi Music and Tequila. I have always been proud of my country and the cultures it represents, the achievements of ancient civilizations such as the Mayas and Aztecs among many others that are part of this rich land. But as a Mexican, you know there's something wrong about the country. We lived knowing for many years that the government has been led by ultra-corrupt double-face politicians. Corruption has taken place in our own faces for so many years that somehow we normalize it. And that is the reason why we live in a country where more than half of the population lives in poverty, a country where tragedies are always possible and most likely will happen, a country with a lot of potential but poorly governed. However, we love our country and we will never stop fighting for our well-being and peace of mind. THE INEVITABLE DEATH OF THE CRAB witness one of this million stories, an upper middle-class family dealing with a corrupt and broken system.

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