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The Composer

1 hour 44 minutes 25 seconds|Kazakhstan,China


Xierzati Yahefu





Film Duration:

1 hour 44 minutes 25 seconds


Chinese, Russian


Jonathan Shen,Serik Zhubandykov


Zhang Suisui,Hayixia Tabareke


The Composer is adapted from the true story of the well-known Chinese musician Xian Xinghai in Almaty. It was during the Great Patriotic War, Xian was on a mission of composing the score for a documentary film in former Soviet Union using an alias. As the war broke out, he was stranded in foreign land with the longing of getting back to his motherland. His talent in music made him befriended local musician Baikadamov. They developed a deep friendship and overcame difficulties together.

Xierzati Director

Xierzati Yahefu


Xierzati Yahefu was born in Xinjiang, and is regarded as the representative of the 'western warm current' genre of Chinese cinema for his films are usually about humanistic cares. Young Xierzati's obsession in drawing and film urged him to go study Arts in Beijing Film Academy. After he graduated in 1985, he was assigned to work in Tianshan Film Studio as production designer and assistant director. In 2005, he co-directed The Turpan Love Song and won the 'Five Top Project' Award. In 2007, he individually directed Mai Mai Ti's 2008 and received very positive reviews from the film circle. 


2006 – The Turpan Love Song

2008 – Mai Mai Ti’s 2008

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2011 – Under the Sky of Urumqi

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2017 – Taklimakan’s Drumbeat

2018 – The Composer 

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