Official Selection

National Shorts Competition

Singha Durbar

14 minutes 46 seconds|Nepal


Prabesh Poudel





Film Duration:

14 minutes 46 seconds




Alina Shrestha, Indira Poudel,Sid Kharel


Prabesh Poudel


This fiction film depicts mental illness caused by the socio political unease. Govinda, an activist of Maoist Party, is injured in the 10 year long Civil War. The Party Leaders fail to follow the party’s principle after they enter the Parliament. Due to the unfulfilled promises, Govinda begins his journey to meet his leader in Singha durbar to fight for the party’s principles.

Director's Statement

I grew up in the period of the 10 years long Maoists Civil War and witness the dark part of its surroundings and its effects in the society. The film is about the story of the man who is an activist of Maoist Party, fought for party’s principle. But it affected him in the post war. The story is adapted from the article of Mahesh Bikram Shah which was published in national newspaper. The character is presented from the reference of real person of the society who represents the physical and psychological state of peoples and their conditions in post war period. I chose to show my view on this subject through my personal way in a normal approach so that everybody can relate it easily.

Prabesh Director

Prabesh Poudel


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