Official Selection

Shorts (Animated) Competition

The Grass is Always Greener When it isn't Covered in Chocolate

9 minutes 48 seconds|Kuwait


Hala Alhomoud





Film Duration:

9 minutes 48 seconds




A sheep​ (​Woolly​) ​is discontent with his monotonous farm​, ​its contained lifestyle​, ​and the exploitative system it runs on​. ​The owner of the farm shears the sheep in exchange for chocolate-covered grass​. ​Frustrated with the farmer’s abusive actions​, ​Woolly says goodbye to the only home he​'​s ever known for something more​.​ However​, ​freedom comes with a lot of decision-making​. ​Anxious and overwhelmed by the options available to him​, ​he rejects a friendly invitation from local strangers​. ​While exploring the edges of the world​ (​and beyond​), ​the dread of loneliness sets in​. ​Will​ ​he return to the comfort of his home or choose adventure at the cost of being alone​?​

Director's Statement

A passion project, three years in the making. After graduating from University I had the daunting realization that I have to go back to Kuwait - a very small, uneventful, uninspiring country. I got this visual in my head of an isolated hill - a bubble where the majority of the population is content with over-consumption, appearance, a lack of accountability and respect for ecosystems of any kind - a true society of spectacle. I gave myself the challenge of finding and working with local talents in order to find my community within Kuwait. And the beauty of the collaborative process has helped me discover, navigate and participate in an inspiring youth culture of art, entrepreneurship, and change that has slowly been building in the past decade.

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