Filmmaker Kiran Bhakta Joshi (Incessant Rain Studios) will be joined by producer Larry Kasanoff (True Lies, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Mortal Kombat), writer/producer Zack Stentz (X-Men : First Class, Thor, Cody Banks), filmmaker Joylon Hoff (The Staging Post) and studio executive Damien de Froberville (Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks) for the inside look at the journey of the cinematic experience. They will share their experiences in developing stories, packaging, financing and branding for both streaming and traditional distribution. They will discuss the opportunities and risks and how the digital media and entertainment sector is evolving. The discussion is designed to raise awareness to the Nepali filmmakers that there has never been a better time to create content for the international market.

Moderated by:

Kiran Bhakta Joshi (Incessant Rain Studios)

Date: 14 February, 2020

Venue: Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

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*Event is for invitees-only, and no tickets / passes are available for sale. 

Panel talk on Filmmaking in an age of streaming

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