NIFF announces its 2021 lineup

Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) is back for the fourth year now and the International film fest is packed with much exciting things to look forward to. NIFF since the beginning year has been supporting all kinds of films to compete for different awards and this year it’s no different.

NIFF 2021 has recently announced this year’s film lineup; a list of diverse, fresh and exemplary films has been selected by the NIFF selection committee to provide an artistic cinematic experience for the audience. Our committee NIFF has lined up 63 films from 31 countries, each one of them carrying vastly meaningful subjects.

There are four different film programs for :


  1. World Panorama (feature films)

For the ‘World Panorama’ category we have lined up 10 exciting, dramatic, inspiring feature-length films for the audience. Our viewers will get to have an extensive foray into the vast caverns of film making getting to explore new avenues of the cinema art. Our movies for the World Panorama category are as such;


  1. Docs @ NIFF (documentary films)

Docs @ NIFF category has 11 different documentaries, full to the brim with excitement, learning and real life conflicts is to be featured. The documentaries carry some of the most important issues that needs to be addressed in the current scenario. Documentaries for ‘Dos @ NIFF’ categories are as such;


  1. NIFF Shorts (Live Action, Animated and National short films competitions)

The NIFF shorts categories have 3 different sub divisions according to the genre of the films.
The Short live action has 21 beautiful and though provoking films from all over the world to be featured
Animated shorts has 5 enlightening and artistic animated shorts which are cinematically captivating films
And National shorts has 9 from seasoned film makers and students to be featured. Competing for made-in-Nepal short films.


  1. Pandemic Film Exhibit (shorts and documentaries on COVID and other pandemics)

COVID being the burning issue in the present time, NIFF has a separate categories for films portraying pandemic through cinema. We have the ‘Pandemic Film Exhibit’ for all COVID related films, which will be very interesting for the audience to see. For this category we have 8 films lined up.


NIFF 2021 lineup has more indie films and less well – produced (films having a great production value, generally made by larger studios and production houses) due to the current pandemic. However, this is surely good news for the indie film makers selected for NIFF 2021.

All the films listed for this year’s festival has their own subjective significance. The audience will get to see a wide range of film and filmmakers from Debutant filmmakers to women filmmakers to award winning filmmakers, NIFF 2021 consists of a diverse package of content. The films this year is a mixed bag of multiple different issues and topics narrated from different perspectives. Our audience this year will get to experience a range of different issues and subjects through a beautifully crafted cinematic experience.

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